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Certification Courses

Basic Instructor Certification

While any black belt can, and should take the Basic Instructor Course, it is designed primarily for the first and second degree black belt student.

The course is also designed to prepare the student to be an effective assistant instructor. Senior instructors may recommend any of their advanced students and young black belts for this training program. However, the Instructor Certification will NOT be awarded until the student has earned a black belt and assisted in six months of dojo/dojang training.

Senior Instructor Certification

The Senior Instructor Course is designed to prepare the student to manage a school or program on his or her own, without direct supervision. The program is open to all 2nd degree black belts and higher, with a minimum of five years martial arts experience

Master Instructor Certification

The Master Instructor Course is open to all fourth degree black belts or higher with a minimum of ten years of martial arts experience. The course is designed specifically for the master who primarily teaches advanced students, and is involved in martial arts on the national or international level.

Police Instructor Certification

The PIC program does not offer police instructor training, but rather recognizes those who have completed training in police instruction and offers international recognition. In order to receive recognition a student must:

▪Hold at least a 2nd degree black belt.

▪Have completed a course in basic police defensive tactics.

▪Have training in basic take-downs.

▪Have training in police arresting techniques.

▪Be recommended by his/her instructor.

CPR/First Aid Course


The Bereavement Emergency Response Team (BERT) provides Emergency Management and Catastrophic Crisis Intervention training for members of the clergy, professional counselors, and credentialed laymen who have a sincere desire to serve the public during times of disaster.

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